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The Digital Maturity Assessment as a guide to digital transformation and sustainability

The Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) is a comprehensive assessment tool for SMEs and public institutions. The DMA offers the opportunity to evaluate the digital maturity level of an organization and identify weaknesses.

This Europe-wide analysis forms the basis for customized recommendations and support. is conducting the DMA survey on behalf of the EU and the Liechtenstein government: a standardized online survey for all SMEs and public sector teams in Liechtenstein.

What makes participation worthwhile

  • Customized instructions: The DMA enables targeted identification of the specific strengths and weaknesses in an organization's digital landscape. Based on these findings, customized recommendations and support can be provided that correspond to the strategic objectives.
  • Efficient allocation of resources: By assessing digital maturity, resources and expertise can be targeted to ensure that digital transformation efforts are both effective and efficient.
  • Investment check in advance: The "test before invest" approach allows digital solutions and strategies to be explored without extensive financial commitments. The DMA helps to make informed decisions regarding digital investments.
  • Access to expertise: As an EDIH, has access to a broad network of digital experts and innovative solutions. Cooperative participation in the DMA survey opens up access to this valuable know-how.
  • Promoting sustainability: We promote environmentally conscious practices and help identify opportunities to use digital technologies for sustainability.

The DMA survey can be used to tap into digital potential. Taking part in the online survey is the first step towards a more digitally mature and competitive future.

Participation in the survey

Participation in the DMA is simple and takes place online. Responses are treated in strict confidence. The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Any person who is authorized to do so can complete the questionnaire on behalf of the organization.

Receive survey results

Once the survey has been completed, we return to the participants with the results. We provide a comprehensive overall report. There is also the opportunity to discuss the results in a personal meeting.

Play a role in advancing Liechtenstein's digital and sustainable future!

Are you ready?

We're glad you asked! Book your appointment directly with us to start this essential first step of the innovation process - the needs analysis. We can't wait to work with you to tackle the challenges and drive digital innovation in your business.

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