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Have you heard of ChatGPT but lack the time and patience to achieve really good results for your SME? In our training course, you will learn how to communicate precisely and effectively with ChatGPT without much effort, so that the result really suits you - whether you are a craftsman, tradesman or software developer.

Target group

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to use AI technologies in their professional environment to achieve better results in text creation and communicate more effectively.

Table of contents

  • Brief insight into ChatGPT: Understanding how ChatGPT works, including important aspects of data protection and data security
  • Communication with ChatGPT: What is important? Skills are acquired to formulate requests to ChatGPT in such a way that precise and useful answers are received.
  • Practice: Create input formulations and sample requests for ChatGPT that are tailored to a current business case in your company.
  • Inspiration: Presentation of further use cases on how ChatGPT can be used in various areas to improve processes.

Learn to use ChatGPT consciously and purposefully to save a lot of time and improve your communication skills at the same time.

Course schedule

  • Main part: 120-minute workshop with practical exercises.

Course management

Phi Yen Oehri

Training: Writing corporate texts well and quickly with ChatGPT

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