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Individual values are the foundation on which our daily thoughts and actions are based. In this course, we bring together the different perspectives of your team. This creates a shared understanding of the organization's values and lays a stable foundation for successful cooperation.
  Effective principles formulate the common attitude and make the motivation for daily actions visible. They provide clarity for decision-making processes and support employees in thinking and acting responsibly.

Target group

Managers & HR managers, supported by employees
(at least 2 - 3 participants per organization/team required for the course)

Training goal

Your shared understanding of living values and effective principles

  • Clear foundation of values
  • Focused principles of action
  • In-depth understanding of individual perspectives

Table of contents

  • Finding/aligning values in individual/group work within your team
  • Crystallization of principles as a framework for action vis-à-vis stakeholders
  • Simplification of the process through support of Chat GPT

Course schedule

  • In advance: task for preparation approx. 30 min
  • Workshop: 120 min intensive and interactive development of values & principles
  • Follow-up work: Clear ToDos from the findings - concrete implementation in the organization/team

Benefits for the participants

  • Clarity of action and decision-making
  • Deeper understanding for each other in the team
  • Concrete steps for implementation

Course management

Michael Reinhardt

Workshop: Culture Discovery 1: A stable foundation of values and effective principles

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