Communication Café: How Impact Business Models Shape the Future of Liechtenstein and the Rhine Valley

Join us at the next Communication Café on December 1, 2023 in Vaduz. Discover how impact business models can bring about sustainable change in the Liechtenstein and Rhine Valley region. Network, learn and act with like-minded people.

After a successful seventh Communication Café, this time we are focusing on "impact business models" that achieve a sustainable effect - financially, socially and ecologically. Why is this important? Because you and your team can achieve measurable results, especially in the Liechtenstein and Rhine Valley region.

Meaningful dialog: The key to innovation

The communication café offers an open and stimulating space for genuine, in-depth dialog. You can expect a captivating impulse from the team, offering exciting insights into the world of impact business models.

The case clinic method: a proven approach

The case clinic method makes it possible to find tangible solutions to practical challenges from everyday life. Contribute your perspectives and ideas and benefit from a valuable feedback loop.

Imagine presenting a problem in a case clinic and receiving targeted, practice-oriented feedback - an invaluable added value.

Networking with added value

Networking goes beyond simply exchanging business cards. At the Communication Café, you can find potential partners for your next sustainable projects in the region.

Effectiveness in the region

The communication café offers concrete suggestions and examples of how you can become socially or ecologically active in the region - together with other SMEs or representatives of the public sector.

Be there on December 1 at the Vadozner Huus

Now it's your turn! Sign up and join us at the next Communication Café. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Are you ready?

We're glad you asked! Book your appointment directly with us to start this essential first step of the innovation process - the needs analysis. We can't wait to work with you to tackle the challenges and drive digital innovation in your business.

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