Business model / prototype

Coworking Space 2.0

In the "Coworking Space 2.0" project, we are developing a vision for a forward-looking place of innovation and collaboration in Liechtenstein within a co-creative framework. We are integrating various elements such as coworking, coliving, gastronomy, artist studios, pop-up stores and others to create a holistic concept. Our goal is to lay the foundation for the future realization of such a place in Liechtenstein.

Inspiration: Zoku Amsterdam

Active participation

and be a part of it

  • Participate in the project team
  • Communicate needs as potential users
  • Potential operators have the opportunity to contribute their ideas
  • Supporters can support the project with their expertise
  • Interested parties are invited to attend
  • Networking existing initiatives and projects
  • Co-creative development of an operating concept for a place of innovation and collaboration in Liechtenstein
  • Finding members and potential operators for the project team to create a business plan
  • Researching and finding suitable locations and potential cooperation opportunities

January 18, 2024
1st ideas workshop

March 2024
Workshop operating concept

April - September 2024
Formation of a project team
Development of a business plan

October 2024
Presentation of the project results and the next steps


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