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Your key to sustainable and innovative business models

We invite you to an explorative conversation with our management, Hartmut Hübner and Stephan Gstöhl, in which you can explore individual and forward-looking perspectives for your company or organization. Book your free needs analysis meeting now and build the bridge from your business to meaningful collaboration and sustainable business models.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success"

Henry Ford

For whom is the needs analysis suitable?

In a rapidly changing world, finding your purpose in life can be overwhelming. The My Purpose app is your digital companion on this journey and offers you the following benefits:


Gain valuable insights and specific suggestions to move you and your team forward in this one-on-one session.

Inspiring perspectives

Discover the potential that lies in collaboration between SMEs and the public sector and how you can increase your regional effectiveness.

Digital maturity

The Digital Maturity Assessment is an analysis tool used throughout Europe to find out where your company stands internationally in terms of digitization and sustainability, and where you can start to increase your digital maturity.

"We inspire SMEs and the public sector in Liechtenstein to make a positive digital transformation that connects people through trust, transparency and purposeful action."

What can you expect during the needs analysis?

In a 90-minute conversation, discover the many opportunities offered by the open innovation platform:

Presentation of

Learn about the vision and opportunities to actively engage in the process and benefit your team.

Exploration of potential

Find out what specific opportunities your SME or team has to create regional impact and foster meaningful collaborations.

Digital Maturity Assessment

Get an informed assessment of your digital maturity in international comparison.