Token for Change

Empowered: Young people shape their future.

Token for Change goes beyond a simple platform; it is a movement for a more inclusive and participatory economy and society. Here, the next generation not only has a seat at the table, but also a voice that needs to be heard. Join us and shape the future in which you play a significant role.

Strengthening young people means strengthening the foundations on which the future stands.
- Confucius

Who is Token for Change for?

This offer is aimed at young people in Liechtenstein who want to actively strengthen the next generation. It is aimed at those who want to participate in the economy, drive innovation and raise their voice on important issues. Our aim is to close the gap in the representation of young people and offer them a platform to actively shape their future.

Why Token for Change?

Demarcation & lack of representation

Young people often feel excluded from traditional economic and governmental structures. Token for Change aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform for active participation.

Voice & value

The initiative recognizes the importance of giving young people a voice and a place in the economy. It aims to empower the next generation by giving them the opportunity to contribute to innovation and demand attention for the issues that matter most to them.

Innovation & participation

Through the use of blockchain technology, Token for Change facilitates economic and political participation. It enables young people to actively participate in local governance, seize economic opportunities and contribute to positive change in their communities.

What can you expect from Token for Change?

Active participation

We invite you to submit innovative ideas and visions for shaping a sustainable future. You can look forward to an exciting process with expert and peer evaluation.

Digital participation platform

Together we will launch a Liechtenstein Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as the core of the campaign.

Incentives & Celebration

The most active participants can win prizes, internships or training at leading European companies in the field of digital and green transformation via token points.

Get points and discounts

Participants receive impact points and discounts for using sustainable and socially responsible services and products.

"True empowerment is about giving youth not only a voice, but a platform to influence and shape the world they inherit."

An instrument for measuring meaningful input

For young people

Get involved! Take part in important decisions and win tokens for your input.

For SMEs

Offer young people the opportunity to participate in important decisions and receive tokens.

For supporters

Support our project in setting up various prototypes in the region.


Token for Change creates an open incentive system that engages SMEs and young workers in meaningful value creation with an innovative tool that enables companies to make meaning quantifiable.


March 2024
Funding & application round
Discussions with stakeholders

May 2, 2024 | 16:00 - 18:00 at the Technopark Vaduz
1st ideas workshop

June 2024
Workshop concept

September 2024
Development of prototype

from October 2024
Prototype development
Consulting SMEs & public sector

Be a creator of change and become part of Token for Change.