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Dear innovators, pioneers and leaders from SMEs and the public sector in Liechtenstein and the Rhine Valley,

For the ninth edition of the Communication Café, we will go into the depths of "Meaningful Decision Making". Based on the concept of the Hierarchy of Purpose, we will explore how we can design decision-making processes to be in line with the meaning and purpose of our organizations.

What awaits you?

  • Pulse generator: The Meet Your Purpose team will provide valuable insights into the Hierarchy of Purpose concept and how it fits into the local context.
  • Valuable discussions: Share your experiences and insights in an open and conversational environment.
  • Networking: Find like-minded people for future meaningful projects in the region.

Join us in exploring the power of Purpose and how it can influence the quality of our decisions and thus the well-being of our organizations and society.

We look forward to your participation and inspiring exchange!

Communication Café 26.1.

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