Starting signal for Liechtenstein's digital ecosystem

Our concept for a digital ecosystem is based on the results of an in-depth needs analysis that sheds light on the needs and challenges of SMEs and the population with regard to digitalization, sustainability and the creation of meaning. The digital ecosystem offers all stakeholders in Liechtenstein - SMEs, the public sector and the population - a central platform for exchange, collaboration and innovation and will be gradually activated over the coming months. innovation process


Dialog talks

Recognizing possibilities

In the needs analysis, we talk about your experiences, challenges and potential that you see in relation to digitalization, sustainability and meaningfulness. This is the introduction to our innovation process.



Working groups

Finding focus at eye level

As soon as several people are interested in a topic, we form working groups. These groups, for example in the form of mastermind groups, work out a specific lever that promises the greatest success with the least effort.

3 Services

Support success

We offer all working groups services ranging from guiding them through the process to tapping into the international network of innovation centers and clarifying supporting resources.



Obtaining feedback and deciding

Working groups work towards developing a draft for a sustainable business model without detours in a design thinking process. Nothing is more important than early feedback from customers and users.


Innovation spaces

Creating legal certainty

If the prototype is assessed positively, it is time to create a secure innovation space for further development. With the Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative (LVC), we use an innovative legal form for this purpose. In an LVC, members bring together ideas, work and capital.

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