Seven steps to a sustainable business model

Many projects and great ideas fail because they are decided at the green table and ultimately miss the mark. To prevent this, there is a remedy: Participation, and thus the opportunity for all SMEs and public sector teams to get involved in the development of projects from the very beginning. The innovation process at is therefore designed to shape Liechtenstein's digital and sustainable future together with a multitude of stakeholders. In an open and collaborative approach, we go through seven steps to foster innovation and develop sustainable business models. Join us and become part of our growing community that is actively shaping change! innovation process


Dialog talks

Recognizing possibilities

We have hands-on conversations with SMEs and public sector teams to understand their needs and challenges. In focus are also sustainable business models and impact for the region.



Open space

Exchanging and contributing topics

From October 2023 onwards, we invite you to monthly Open Space events where you can contribute your own ideas and topics. In addition, we will regularly present new activities. You can find the new dates for this meeting point in the Trainings & Events section.

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Innovation workshops

Making ideas concrete

In spring 2024, we bring together all idea generators to create a clear understanding of the sustainable business models that are relevant for SMEs and the public sector in Liechtenstein. Together we clarify the «WHY» and «WHAT FOR» and develop a plan for implementation.

4 hackathon

Obtaining feedback and deciding

Nothing is as important in the development of business models as collecting feedback from customers, employees and the public at an early stage. Therefore, all of Liechtenstein is invited to participate in the hackathon: Which sustainable business ideas does the country really need – and which ones not?


Implementation projects

Developing prototypes to market

When implementing ideas, it is important that everyone involved puts their whole heart into it. Inner motivation is maintained if one proceeds in small steps, makes quick successes visible and is also prepared to examine various alternatives. We invite you to take part in such a «design thinking process» starting in the fall of 2024.

6 innovation day

Presenting business models

In spring 2025, we will present the business models developed together with the participating SMEs and public sector teams in Liechtenstein. We involve investors in a focused way and integrate further European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) from other countries.


Investor matching

Securing sustainable financing

The most sustainable business models from our innovation process will be financed in the long term – by impact investors such as foundations or family offices. Through this integration, we create access to financing sources for forward-looking business models.

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