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The procedure and results of the needs analysis

In order to capture the current needs of SMEs in Liechtenstein,, the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) for Liechtenstein, conducted more than 40 stakeholder interviews between November 2023 and January 2024, which resulted in around 850 content-related impulses. The SME segment (<250 employees) was analyzed, with a focus on the construction, IT, manufacturing and services sectors.

Needs analysis shows: SMEs want personal responsibility, relief, simplification of processes and cooperation at eye level in order to develop their strength

"When business meets sustainability, it's not just a trend, but a movement that forces us to rethink."

Quote from the interviews

Results from interviews with over 40 decision-makers

Four identified fields of action for SMEs

Q1 Needs

Empowerment and the promotion of personal responsibility are seen as essential for sustainable change in the economy. Society is suffering from speed, which means that everyone is preoccupied with themselves and it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate the reasons behind the changes.

Q2 Skills

SMEs are pushing to find new ways to free themselves from the hamster wheel of daily stress. They need digital solutions to work more effectively and increase productivity. This need is in line with the desire for better training in digital basics and artificial intelligence, which are seen as levers.

Q3 Organization

A critical examination of the business models shows that companies focus heavily on monetization without questioning the actual need. The question: "Do we really need it?" is at the heart of this discussion. Combining sustainability with innovation, for example in the field of artificial intelligence, is seen as a success factor in order to remain attractive as a high-wage location in the long term.

Q4 Culture

SMEs want to work with public administration on an equal footing so that they can actively participate in processes. Working together on guidelines, for example for public tenders, can be a way of extending sustainability and innovation into the public sector.

Services derived from the needs analysis is responding to SMEs' desire for increased visibility in the digital space and is launching two projects to this end. In addition, initiates a working group on the topic of "The Future of Work" based on the needs analysis and is actively involved in knowledge transfer by providing e-learning opportunities.

Online profiles for SMEs and success stories

Online profiles for SMEs: Every SME in Liechtenstein will have a free digital home on the platform. This step not only makes it easier for companies to find each other and network, but also strengthens their local market access.

Success stories: Numerous SMEs have already gathered positive experiences at the interface between sustainability and innovation. will present these in the form of editorial contributions and highlight positive examples of digital and sustainable development.

Working groups

A working group on the future of work will be launched in April 2024. In view of the growing importance of flexible working models and the implementation of organizational issues in connection with digitalization, this group aims to find innovative solutions that take into account both the individual needs of employees and the requirements of sustainable leadership.

Further working groups on the topics of IT security, blockchain pilots and public tenders will be launched at different times.

European network and training platform is also actively involved in international knowledge transfer and works closely with the EDIH network. The aim is to bring expert knowledge and the latest findings on specific areas of digitalization into the country and make them available in the form of e-learning offerings.

At present, almost 20 training courses have already been created and are available free of charge to SMEs and the population of Liechtenstein.

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