Communication Café: Seizing the future opportunities of sustainability and innovation for SMEs

The Communication Café on January 26, 2024 at the Vadozner Huus offered managers from various sectors in Liechtenstein a platform for intensive exchange and reflection. The focus was on the preliminary results of a comprehensive needs analysis that the team has been conducting in the country since November 2023. The participants also addressed the topic of corporate culture in a workshop format.

Empowerment and personal responsibility

The analysis underlined the need for more independence and personal responsibility in organizations. Managers discussed how they can empower their employees and teams to be more proactive and self-determined.

Digitization and knowledge transfer

It also became clear that there is a need for education in digital basics and the simple use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Liechtenstein. The discussions showed how important it is to sensitize the population to the digital transformation and to actively involve them.

Sustainable business models

The interviewees identified sustainable business practices in combination with innovation as a key element that requires both ethical management and the will for "real transformation". The consensus of the participants at the communication café was that the requirement must go beyond legal conformity.

Risk thinking and innovation culture

The needs analysis also shows that many decision-makers in Liechtenstein are acting cautiously. The managers discussed how a stronger pioneering spirit and a culture of openness to change can be promoted.

Meaningful work and a new understanding of leadership

In a workshop moderated by Meet Your Purpose,'s project partner, the participants analysed the importance and effectiveness of culture-enhancing measures in their organizations. The discussion revealed that meaningful work and purpose ultimately starts with each individual manager. In many companies, the aim is to redefine leadership roles and create conditions for co-determination and personal responsibility.

The inspiring atmosphere and constructive discussions of the Communication Café will continue on April 19, 2024. The next meeting at RUUF in Schaan will focus on New Work and the skills training platform planned at Interested managers from SMEs and the public sector are invited to register now for this forward-looking event.

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