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Do you feel trapped in your everyday life, driven by a lack of time and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed? The Purpose Journey is your invitation to escape the hamster wheel and live a life of joy and success. This online course helps you to find and pursue your personal purpose (your WHY and WHAT FOR) - the core of what really drives and fulfills you. Free yourself from the shackles of everyday life and discover how you can achieve personal success with joy.

Target group

This course is for anyone who feels trapped in routine and stress and is looking for a more meaningful, fulfilling life. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, looking for a new direction or simply want to make the most of your current path, the Purpose Journey is for you.

Training goal

Develop a deep understanding of your personal purpose based on:
  • Vision: Recognize your dreams and goals.
  • Attitude: Develop a positive attitude that supports you in your quest for success.
  • Inner motivation: Understand what really drives you.
  • Values: Finding out what guides your decisions and actions.
  • Skills: Recognizing your unique talents and skills.
  • Creating meaning: finding ways in which you can make a difference in the world with your actions.


  • Freedom from time pressure, overload and the feeling of being driven.
  • Clarity about your own "purpose" and how you can implement it in everyday life.
  • Access to a supportive community that pursues similar goals.

Table of contents

  • Introduction to the concept of purpose and why it is crucial for personal success.
  • AI-supported exploration of the six subject areas: Vision, attitude, inner motivation, values, skills, sense of purpose.
  • Scientifically sound methods for identifying your personal purpose set.

Course schedule

  • Self-guided online course that is available free of charge on an ongoing basis.
  • Implementation in six modules, each dedicated to one subject area.
  • Interactive tasks and reflection exercises to help you gain deep insights into your personal drivers and goals.
  • Upon completion, access to the POWERED BY PURPOSE community on LinkedIn for ongoing support and inspiration.

Course management

Hartmut Hübner (hartmut@digihub.li)

Online course: Purpose Journey

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