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Do you want to escape the hamster wheel and regain the upper hand over your work? Learn to stay true to what really matters to you and set yourself meaningful goals that feel good. This will help you learn to be both relaxed and productive and get into the flow.

Target group

For anyone who wants to reduce stress and increase their productivity.

Training goal

Develop your personal work system that feels good:

  • Clear
  • Focused
  • Meaningful


  • Reduction of stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Focus on relevant activities

Table of contents

  • Relaxed, productive work: the current state of science
  • Application of practical techniques for efficient work, supplemented by principles that promote joy and positivity in the working environment.
  • Use of Chat GPT for productivity gains.

Course schedule

  • 120-minute workshop with practical exercises from your working environment.
  • Optional: 20-minute online course in advance (provided approx. two weeks before the training)

Course management

Hartmut Hübner

Training: Work productively in a relaxed manner

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